Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Jr. Frito Chili Cheese Wrap: Delightful Delicacy or Dirty Little Secret?

I admit it, I like Sonic's Jr. Frito Chili Cheese Wrap.  Not the big one, the Jr. one.  So, I've decided to write it a love letter.

Dear Jr. Frito Chili Cheese Wrap,

You are my favorite guilty pleasure.  Even though you have no nutritional value whatsoever, I can't pass a Sonic without turning in for a taste of your cheesy goodness.  I used to scoff at the Taco Bell commercials that touted the Crunch Wrap and its "cruncheweesiness."  How ironic that it was you, Sonic Jr. Frito Chili Cheese Wrap, that finally taught me how delightful cruncheweesiness can be.  Your Jr. size makes for the perfect cheese to chili to frito to tortilla ratio.  Thanks to you I can eat Frito Pie while driving.  Combined with the frosty goodness of a Diet Coke with real cherry flavor (not diet--yuck) you have the power to heal what ails me.  And all for under three dollars, especially if I manage to get to Sonic during Happy Hour.  I love you, Jr. Frito Chili Cheese Wrap.  See you tomorrow.

Yours truly,

Another satisfied Sonic customer

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Does anyone else feel like they're playing chicken with the automatic doors at Target?

So, I was walking out of Target today, toward the automatic doors and these are the thoughts that ran through my head:

Ok, this is an automatic door, right?  Because I'm just too tired to actually push the doors open myself...but there are push bars on those doors.  There weren't push bars on the other doors.  They were obviously automatic--there was no other way to open them.  No, these doors are automatic....but why aren't they opening?  Shouldn't they be opening by now?  Just a little?  I mean, I'm on the mat, shouldn't something be happening?  Don't reach out to push them open, people are watching.  Don't do it!  Keep your arm down and walk forward with confidence.  Like Darth Vadar--yeah, like Darth Vadar right through the automatic doors.  Hear the Imperial March and walk through the doors...ok, maybe slow your walk a little to give them time to think about it.  Definitely do not stand there and look around like an idiot.  Ok, last minute--it's now or never!  Open, doors.  OPEN!

Of course, the doors opened and I walked through.  There were a few seconds, though, when I wasn't so sure that the doors were going to open, and I wondered to myself:  Does anyone else ever feel like they're playing chicken with the automatic doors at Target?