Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dancing is Back!!!

Ok, so lets talk about the premier of Dancing With the Stars.

I thought Audrina did well, and showed a fair amount of cleavage and mid-drift in two different sequined monstrosities.  I did enjoy watching her dance, though.  I thought her legs were too far apart.  Plus, enter the first of the pop songs that inevitably will get stuck in my head and wind up on my iPod by the end of the season.  Up until now I've resisted Katy Perry's "California Girls."  And I've had that song in my head since Audrina and Tony danced to it.

Kurt Warner did ok...it was pretty forgettable.  He seems like a nice guy.

Kyle Massey was awesome...and a little dirty for a Disney kid. Wait, what am I talking about?  Look at Miley Cyrus--she pretends to kiss girls on stage.  I love his energy and his spunk and I thought he did really well with the dance.  He is my favorite.

Rick and Cheryl were good--I thought he was graceful and I was really impressed.  I just don't want him to do better than Kyle.

Margaret Cho came out of nowhere with some graceful moves but botched it with some wacky slapstick choreography.  I was touched by her confession that it is difficult for her to think of herself as beautiful and graceful and a lady.

Brandy did very well.  I think she might be this season's ringer.  Of course, she's dancing with Maks from Hot-man-istan.  Who wouldn't work their can off to make him happy?  I don't like Brandy, though. I just don't like her.  No reason.

Bristol Palin impressed with some pretty spunky hip action.  I did laugh out loud when she said that she was an advocate for preventing teen pregnancy.  Of course, I guess you live, you learn.  The judges seemed to be making some sly sex jokes in their comments about her performance.

Florence Henderson seemed like she could give Betty White a run for her money in the dirty old lady department.  Bruno complimented Corky Ballas when he stated that the other guys had it easy working with the younger, more fit girls.  Does that make everyone else old and fat?  Did anybody else see her flash the camera Situation style?  I'm having flashbacks.

Michael Bolton was forgettable, but Chelsea is one of my favorite dancers.  She just rocks.  Of course,  Michael did a lot of whining about how busy  and old he is.  Somebody call the wha-mbulance!

I could not wait to see the Situation bring he club moves to the ballroom.  He really didn't disappoint.  He was under-reahersed and unpolished because he only had 5 days to rehearse.  I think he'll make it back for another show, but his dancing needs a little of that GTL.  (Click here if you  don't know what I'm talking about.)

Jennifer Grey did not disappoint!  Bring that drama, baby.  I'm telling you--watching her just try to goof around for the camera--she's just crazy.  Something's off there.  She cried her eyes out over Swayze (who I heard she just about hated during filming).  Jennifer was all, "It was like I was in a time capsule and he was there and he was young....and I had that hideous nose!"  I actually liked her better with the nose.  However,  drama or no, the girl can dance.  (P.S.  Does anybody else remember that song from Dirty Dancing?  I don't and I had the soundtrack.)

Hasselhoff gave me Buzz Aldrin flashbacks.  I agree with Glen--it's never too early to panic.  But you've got to love the guy's attitude and sense of humor about himself.

So, what about the results?  I really enjoyed the opening dance of the results show with Santana playing "Oye Como Va."  Only Terrel was there with me to appreciate my "play that guiro" comment.  (If you get it, you get it.  If you don't, move on.)  I'm waiting to see who'll dance again (I hope its Kyle) and who will be invited back.  The DVR is doing its magic and I'm watching without commercials.

Tell me what you thought if you watched, and if you didn't --WATCH IT!  You might think its cheesy and stupid, but one show and you'll be hooked.

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