Monday, October 11, 2010

DWTS: Acoustic Night

I'm sorry that Cho Cho won't be back this week, but she did make me mad last week and I think her little political coming out parade backfired a little.  I was enjoying Margaret's metamorphosis though, and I am sorry that we won't see her dance tonight.  But, the show must go on.  Tonight is acoustic night on a raised round floor...with boring music.

Kurt and Anna's Rumba was really good.  And I really liked that Kurt felt a little uncomfortable gettin' freaky on the dance floor with a woman other than his wife.  The more I see the more I like him as a dancer.  Bruno's right, he does swing his hands around like great big frying pans.  The scores were really low:  24 / 60.  I thought they did better than that.  P.S.  Happy Anniversary Kurt and whatever-his-wife's-name-is.

Maks and Brandy are dancing the Rumba as well, and Brandy is having a hard time with it...and so he takes her on a date with some thang on his head.  I really did like this heart went a little pitter pat there for a second.  But I loooooove Maks.  We almost got Maks to take his shirt of there at the end, but it was all just a tease! ;)  48 / 60.  It was a good dance, but I still can't like Brandy.

Rick and Cheryl bring us the Argentine Tango.  Rick looked nervous but I thought he did a good job.  What's with the stache?  Carrie Anne was right, that the dance was a little one dimentional and it did lose energy--I actually got a little bored.  The lifts were cool, though.  39 / 60.  The judges have been brutal tonight.

Kyle and Lacey are dancing the Rumba.  I love watching Kyle in the behind-the-scenes footage.  He and Lacey are hilarious together.  I don't care what Len, Lynn, whatever...I don't care what he says.  I LOVED IT.  Kyle's player attitude and face are classic.  I just love him.  Whatever the case, theirs was the first dance tonight where I wasn't bored.  Dude!  40 / 60.  The judges are brutal.  Nasty judges.  They all complained about his arm movements being smooth, then sharp, but I thought that was just a little added attitude to go along with the spirit and feeling of the song.  Kind of rumba meets hip hop.  I loved it.  So there.

The Situation and Karina are dancing the Argentine Tango and it's really a little painful.  The lifts are cool, but he's like a muscle man lifting weights and he doesn't know what to do with his feet.  She just dances around him for a minute and then he throws her in the air.  I side with Bruno that it was really really terrible.  I haven't seen awkwardness like that since Kate Goslin last season.  Dude, I just caught a glimpse of Karina's hair--what's up with that mess? 28 / 60.  Lowest score of the night so far.

Florence and Corky are dancing the Rumba:  the vertical expression of a horizontal desire.  The behind the scenes footage was hilarious, but the dance was kinda horrible.  Tom just declared it the season eleven get a room dance.  It is kind of weird to see Carol Brady gettin' inappropriate on the dance floor. P.S.  Did anyone else miss the fact that Mark is Corky's son?  By the way, I thought his name was Tony, so I don't know what I called him in last week's post. 35 / 60

Jennifer and Derek are dancing the Argentine Tango.  Jennifer is being a little of a diva.  I really kind of a have a crush on Derek, too.  He's kind of hot.  I love watching Jennifer dance.  She can kick, stretch, and kick!  She's fifty!  The piano playing bit at the beginning of the dance was cute.  Bruno really liked her dance and made her squeal with his usual flamboyant comments.  56 / 60.  Theirs was an awesome dance.

I'm going to take a time out and say that I'm predicting Kyle and Jennifer in the finale with, maybe, Brandy.  I think they'll go top three.  Kyle's personality will carry him to the finals, so let it be written.

Bristol and Mark are doing the Rumba.  I think theirs would be a cute showmance.  Wait a minute, I just got a little creeped out.  She yanked his shirt off and then he got all weird and nuzzly at the end of the song.  It was one of those, "Uh, are we still acting?" moments.  Seriously, I blushed.  I knew Len would hate the shirt off stuff.  I do like Bristol and I think she has potential.  I just wish she'd let lose a little bit.  I can attest to the fact that being a mom does make a girl feel not-so-sexy.  Dude, I think Mark might be puttin' the moves on Bristol right in front of her mom.  32 / 60 was pretty stinky.

Audrina and Tony are next with the Argentine Tango.  Can't wait to see what kind of skinnamax outfit she's got on tonight.  She never disappoints.  Ok, I have to be honest, I was bored during the dance.  There just isn't any energy, no saucy power.  I like Audrina and I think she's a good dancer, and maybe it could be either her or Brandy in the finals, but I still think it will definitely be Jennifer and most likely Kyle.  46 / 60

Let's review:  Kurt and Anna got permission from his wife to get freaky on the dance floor on her anniversary; Maks took Brandy on a date to make her feel romantic and said, "here's all the romantic stuff:  candles, chocalte, roses, wine," like he was checking off a list;   Rick and Cheryl danced a boring Tango; Lacey coached Kyle through is burgeoning sexuality (a little awkward, but an awesome dance--the dance so nice I watched it twice); The Situation tossed Karina around the dance floor; Corky and Florence made us all feel like we just walked in on our parents, if you know what I mean;  Jennifer and Derek proved that he will most likely win the Mirror Ball Trophy two years in a row; Mark shows Bristol the difference between sensual and trashy (if you missed it, google it or watch it on youtube.  It's worth it.); Audrina and Tony just do ok with the Argentine Tango.

That's all I gotta say for tonight.  I'm predicting the either Bristol or The Situation will go home tomorrow night.  Maybe Florence.  Most likely The Situation.  What do you think?

Ooo!  Castle.

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