Monday, October 25, 2010

Rock and Roll Night on DWTS

Ok, the best thing about this show has been the top ten favorite dances voted on by the viewers.  I didn't expect them to show each dance in its entirety.  I've never seen Julianne Hough  dance but I really enjoyed watching her.  My favorite dance was Derek and Nicole's 50's Paso Doble, but I was late getting into DWTS.  Apollo Ono made more than one appearance, and I was surprised to see how well he danced.  You should Youtube it if you've never seen it.  Cheryl and Drew Lachey's freestyle dance to "Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy" was the number one pick by viewers.  I would have put Apollo Ono's Samba to "I Like to Move It" as the best dance, but whatever.

Ok, just in case you didn't know, Rock and Roll night equals Butt Ugly Costume night.  No, seriously--butt ugly.  Even Cheryl Burke's dress is feeling bipolar tonight.

Mark took Audrina to learn how to box so that she could tap into her aggressive side.  It was hilarious--Audrina couldn't beat up a kitten.  Former Hills star or not, I like her.  They're Paso was rock-tastic.  Len got all over her about lack of commitment to the character, but I thought she did better tonight.  And Bruno didn't help.  Carrie Anne was the only person who gave her any useful feedback.  I don't usually like Carrie Anne, but in this case I thought she was the only judge who had anything useful to say.  They got a 24 / 30.  Eights all the way across.

Yay, Kyle and Lacey are next.  The judges were awful last week.  Kyle is my favorite and he is second from the bottom!  They need to rock this Tango!!!  They always end their dances with some kind of kissey embrace and it kinda gives me the willies.  Bruno is excited.  Even Len said it was much better.  I think he just wanted them to stop being all cutesie and innovative and just do the dance, ya know.  The crowd loved the dance.  23 / 30

Jennifer and Derek apparently did a "bad" Fox Trot last week, and this week their Paso was a little out of control.  They got a 20 / 30.   Geese!  Those are the scores heard round the world.  The dance was a little scary and Jennifer got a little dizzy there at the end.

Rick and Cheryl are dancing the Tango.  They definitely get the trophy for best costumes of the night--hair and all.  Rick is wearing eye liner.  I thought their dance was awesome.  Crazy eights-- 24 / 30

Martha Stewart is in the audience.  Terrel poses an interesting question:  would we want to see Martha on DWTS?  and how would she do?

Here comes Bristol with Tony.  They're dressed like they're dancing to "76 Trombones."  Bristol wants to play air guitar during the Tango--we'll see how that works out.  Holy moly.  Who is this!?  I think she's doing way better.  And I liked the air guitar.  Len dropped her a point for breaking the hold, whatever that means.  Oh, when they did the air guitar thing.  Apparently, when you start the tango, you can't let go until the dance is over.  Whatever, Len.  Whatever.  I thought she rocked (no pun intended).  23 / 30, their best scores yet.

NEXT WEEK IS DWTS 500th EPISODE.  The former winners are coming back to dance on the show.

Kurt and Anna had Brett Michaels in their rehearsal and it was hilarious.   I don't know how much he'sgonna help with a Rock Paso Doble, but it does beg the question:  How would Brett do on the show? Dude!  Is Anna in a thong?  Watch the frying pans, Kurt!  I think in his effort to fix the frying pan hands, Kurt has moved on to flippers.  The judges thought it was awkward and Bruno thought he was more Jackie Chan than Antonio Banderas.  Ah...a nugget of wisdom from Brett Michaels:  Being a rock star is all about how you feel inside.  18 / 30  Did Cheryl Burke just call Kurt Rick?

This has been a very boo-ey audience.  Angry rock mob.

Brandy is back on the diva train, whining to Maks about the Tango.  I love it...but I don't like my Maks getting so friendly with Brandy.  Much as I hat to admit it, I think theirs was easily the best dance of the night.  They fumbled a couple of steps, and I think Maks almost fell over once, but they did a good job.  26  / 30 --the highest score of the night.

While they get ready for the dance marathon, is anyone else wondering why Brandy is near tears about wanting this trophy?  I mean, I get it being important and all, but "it's everything to me," seems a little intense.  But, I'm not there in the heat of the competition, so who knows how I'd feel if I were in her shoes.

Brandy and Maks won the dance marathon, with Derek and Jennifer following close behind.  And Derek and his partners have won it for the last two years.  My favorites, Kyle and Lacey, made it to the final four, but were eliminated shortly afterwards.

Recap:  Cheryl gets the best dance ever when saves a horse by riding cowboy, Drew Lachey;  Everybody's wearing ugly rock and roll costumes, even Cheryl Burke;  Audrina's Paso had more character, but not enough;  Kyle rocked the Tango and will hopefully move back up the leader board;  Jennifer got a little crazy and spiraled out of control during her Paso; Rick gets a mohawk and wears guy liner for his Tango;  Martha Stewart?;  Bristol's Tango--complete with air guitar--is  her best dance yet;  next week is DWTS 500th episode; Brett Michaels fails to help Kurt get better scores with his rock Paso--making this dance, possibly, his "Final Countdown";  Brandy and Maks had a bang-up night with the best scores and winning the dance marathon.  And that's all, folks.

Castle's on...gotta go.

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