Thursday, October 7, 2010


Here lately, I feel more like a pack mule than a mom.  With every week that passes I find I'm carrying another bag around.  This working mom had to consolidate.  Finding a purse big enough wasn't the problem.  I was having trouble finding one sturdy enough to withstand the weight of school books, computer, emergency make-up, ginormous wallet (empty, by the way), note pad, bills, spilt coffee, blah blah blah.  The straps always wear out.  Whether they're leather or whatever the straps always wear out.  Not anymore!  I think I may have found my super purse.

It's a Merona Casual Work Tote packed with pockets and a computer cover, phone cover, zippers, clips, you name it.  It's a nylon tote, so I can wipe the spilt coffee off, and the straps are made out of that thick nylon stuff they use to jump out of airplanes and strap heavy things down with big metal buckles with teeth.  And I don't have to feel bad about the not-so-fahsionista fabric because I saw a very similar bag suggested in the recent Style Watch issue of People.

Ok, so they're nothing alike, but I like mine better anyhow.  I do wish mine had some hard core stud detail on it, but it is what it is.  They do both have big round rings connecting the straps to the bag.  Maybe I could bedazzle my super purse to make it more of a bull dog?  Nah.

Tomorrow is my super purse's maiden voyage and there's nothing like a new, freshly organized bag to make going to work in the morning a little more exciting.  

Yay, Super Purse!

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