Monday, October 18, 2010

TV Theme Week on DWTS

This past week has been crazy.  I feel like anything and everything that could happen has happened.  Some kind of drama has touched every aspect of my life.  But everyone is healthy and happy, despite all drama, and for that I'm thankful.  AND...It's Monday, which means DWTS is on, and then Castle!

Maks and Brandy dance first:  the Quickstep to the Friends theme.  You've just gotta love Maks's Ross hair!  Len said that it was her best dance yet and Bruno broke his pen counting on Brandy to mess up.  Carrie anne had to get all goo goo eyed and emote-isophical on us about how what doesn't break us only makes us stronger.  She kinda aggravates me some times.  She's just cheesy.  Brandy and Maks got nines across the board.

OMG!*  Has anyone seen the Target commercial where the mom makes a homemade iron man costume with the round touch light taped to the kid's shirt?  I thought I'd never stop laughing.

Florence and Corky are, of course, dancing the Tango to the Brady Bunch theme.  "Greg" stopped by the studio and made us all feel awkward.  Am i the only person who notices that Florence has not frame whatsoever?  Did anyone get the rag doll head action?  She's trying to be funny, I guess.  Honestly, I just don't get it.  The judges seem to like her, but I don't see anything to write home about, or rather, blog about.  Seven's across the board.

Kurt and Anna are dancing the Quickstep to the Bewitched theme.  i thought the dance was super cute.  If you didn't see it, Kurt started out fumbling around and she twitched her nose and he started dancing like Gene Kelley.  The judges were happy with the improvement.  Can anyone explain Anna's dress to me?  I just don't get it.  The bodice looks like something off of say yes to the dress (one of the top designers on the show likes to do the see through bustier bodice) mixed with something Ginger Rodgers would wear.  Straight eights.

Audrina and Tony are dancing the Rumba to the Hills theme.  Dude Audrina ate onions during the rehearsals to lessen the tension.  I thought this was a lackluster dance.  I'm not really sure how the dance is supposed to relate to the music.  She needs to move her hips more.  She seems wooden.  This was not a very sensual dance, but maybe it wasn't supposed to be.  Bruno dropped a gem of wisdom on us, "Don't be plastic, be fantastic."  Carrie Anne freaked out over a possible lift and Bruno made fun of her.  It was awesome.  I think they got straight eights.  

Kyle and Lacey were so ridiculously cute dancing the Fox Trot to the Charlie's Angels theme.  Bruno knocked it for being too much disco and not enough fox trot.  Len is a killjoy, but Carrie Anne liked it.  Their dances are so much fun.  Their scores were 8-5-7.  Lacey laughed it off.  Still, I don't see how she kept those pants on because they were super low riders.  SUPER LOW.  I think she should get points for staying in her costume.

Rick and Cheryl danced the Rhumba to the Hill Street Blues theme.  This one made me feel kind of sad and sentimental.  I can remember that theme from when my dad watched it when I was a little girl.  That's a LONG time ago.  But that had nothing to do with the dance.  Rick did a good job, but Len didn't approve.  He thought that it looked like a couple that was staying together for the kids, not a couple falling in love.  Whatever.  They did a good job, but I prefer the more bedroom-y costumes.  They just make more sense.  Straight eights.

Bristol and mark are dancing the jive to the Monkeys theme.  Mark made Bristol take clown lessons.  Dude!  I'm creeped out.  They're dancing in gorilla costumes.  But I think Bristol was a little confused.  Her personality was better but her dancing wasn't as good.  Bristol hates the jive.  Does anyone else think Mark looks teeny tiny next to Bristol.  I'm not saying that she's big, I'm saying that he just looks teeny tiny.  They got sixes from all of the judges.

Yay!  Jennifer and Derek are next!  Bring on the drama.  They've been teasing it all night.  Don't let me down!  She has really staked her entire career comeback on this show.  She's also guest starring on House this week.  Aw, that's nothing I don't do.  Sometimes you just take things personally and you need to take a minute to get over it.  Jennifer and Derek did a great job dancing the Fox Trot to the theme from Married With Children.  Len was negative, as always, but Bruno and Carrie Anne liked it.  Jennifer is just so good, and when I watch her learning the dance, I get Dirty Dancing flashbacks.  It's hard to see "Baby" in Jennifer's face now, but every so often you can catch it in her expressions.  The judges gave them two eights and nine.

So, Brandy and Maks sit at the top of the leader board with a 27, and Bristol and Mark are at the bottom with 19.  Castle's on, gotta go.

* Oh My Goodness

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